Satchel Blue


Once upon a time we kept our band pages on MySpace and Facebook up to date.

The Best Of
London Town, This, That ‘n’ Everything, Little Joes, Things We Leave Behind, Undetectable, Rosie, Me and the Devil, Goin’ Travellin’, Sippin’ on a Manhattan, Cheap Shot at Love, She Said Her Name Was Nel, Don’t Try To Understand Me, 40 Seconds of Old, Things Are Alright, Steve McQueen, Heather Graham (Bonus Track)

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Another Fine Day
This Week, Jamaican Rum, Cheap Shot At Love, Anywhere But Here, Forgive Me, Things We Leave Behind, Las Vegas, Vodka And Gin, Country Music, Two Tales, You Chose Me, I Spy, Brand New, On My Way Home

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Me And The Devil, Pub Quiz, Lunch In China, King For A Day, Travellin’ Up The West Coast Of The States In A Rented Car, Rosie, One More Shot Of Whiskey, Little Joes, Lucky Night, She Said Her Name Was Nel, Just Passing Through, Steve McQueen

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The Early Years (1999 – 2003)
This, That ‘N’ Everything, James Bond, In the City, I Nearly Fell in Love, Came in On My Own, The Return of the Greatest Rap Group in the World, Blue Skies, Still Got Eyes, My Beautiful Mistake, Tear Me, Three in the Morning, 40 Seconds of Old, Untitled, London Town (Demo Version)

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Too Much Television
I Don’t Like Cocaine, Undetectable, James Bond, Heather Graham, My Beautiful Mistake, For Suzie, Make A Mint, All I Want To Need, Happy, 40 Seconds Of Old, I Nearly Fell In Love, In The City


The Return Of The Greatest Rap Group In The World, Came In On My Own, Over The Rainbow, Blue Skies, Thirty-Six Miles Away, Thank You Julie, The Hardest Thing, Go Back To Bed, Don’t You Dance With Me, Towards Oblivion, Things Are Alright


I Can Dream, Except You, Little Boy, Maybe She, One More Go, Don’t Try To Understand Me, This That ‘n’ Everything, Tear Me, Three In The Morning, Rush Hour, What Cause?, So Goodbye